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quantisation sentence in Hindi

"quantisation" meaning in Hindiquantisation in a sentence
  • These are examples of quantisation of spin.
  • A similar redirect should be in place for the British spelling of " Gupta-Bleuler quantisation ".
  • Two straight edges do enforce quantisation conditions on the oscillatory modes permissible in the water between the ships.
  • Niels Bohr, in 1913, combined the Rutherford model of the atom with the quantisation ideas of Planck.
  • These effects illustrate the superiority of the field theoretical second quantisation approach as compared with the wave function formalism.
  • In this case, the final noise floor is the sum of the flat dither spectrum and the shaped quantisation noise.
  • This is the first quantisation approach and historically Bose Einstein and Fermi Dirac correlations were derived through this wave function formalism.
  • The Casimir effect usually applies to the quantisation condition enforced on the EM field, whereas here it is on the water surface.
  • As usual, before quantisation, we need to express the constraints ( and other observables ) in terms of the holonomies and fluxes.
  • In short, I'm arguing that absolutely no reader exists that is interested in intrinsic redshifts / redshift quantisation independent of nonstandard cosmologies.
  • Adaptation of step size allows one to avoid slope overload ( step of granular noise when the signal is constant ( decrease of step of quantisation ).
  • The coefficients of the resulting residual signal ( so-called  band shape ) are coded by Pyramid Vector Quantisation ( PVQ, a spherical vector quantisation ).
  • The coefficients of the resulting residual signal ( so-called  band shape ) are coded by Pyramid Vector Quantisation ( PVQ, a spherical vector quantisation ).
  • In high-energy physics, however, one is faced with processes where particles are produced and absorbed and this demands a more general field theoretical approach called second quantisation.
  • In 1964 he published his " Lectures on Quantum Mechanics " ( London : Academic ) which deals with constrained dynamics of nonlinear dynamical systems including quantisation of curved spacetime.
  • A skyrmion can be approximated by a soliton of the Sine-Gordon equation; after quantisation by the Bethe ansatz or otherwise, it turns into a fermion interacting according to the massive Thirring model.
  • His research interests are Yang-Mills gauge theories, supersymmetry, supergravity, quaternion and octonion algebras, spin structures, generalised theories of gravity, cosmological solutions, integrable systems and phase space quantisation.
  • The resulting block ( the same size as the original block ) is then pre-multiplied by the quantisation scale code and divided element-wise by the quantization matrix, and rounding each resultant element.
  • Usually, more than one quantisation of input space is used, so that any point in input space is associated with a number of hyper-rectangles, and therefore with a number of memory cells.
  • "' Noise shaping "'is a filtering process that shapes the spectral energy of quantisation error, typically to either de-emphasise frequencies to which the ear is most sensitive or separate the signal and noise bands completely.
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