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quantifies sentence in Hindi

"quantifies" meaning in Hindiquantifies in a sentence
  • But the operation's success has been hard to quantify.
  • It didn't quantify European growth rates after currency conversions.
  • He didn't quantify the amount of possible cost savings.
  • Some academics have gone so far as to quantify the point.
  • "That's something hard to quantify ."
  • But there's one factor that is impossible to quantify.
  • How much impact they will actually have is impossible to quantify.
  • I can quantify what I see, back it up statistically.
  • His influence on his teammates was enormous and impossible to quantify.
  • But TDCJ can both quantify and qualify its own performance standards.
  • Newman would not quantify how many computers each computer maker sold.
  • You really cannot quantify the impact of the Asian crisis yet.
  • Managed care's impact on doctors is easier to quantify.
  • "The last one is tough to quantify,"
  • It would be pretty hard to quantify what our portion is.
  • I can't quantify it, " he said.
  • Highway Patrol officials can't quantify or explain the problem.
  • I don't know how you quantify it ."
  • "I don't know how you quantify it.
  • Just how much work the grid does is hard to quantify.
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