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quantile sentence in Hindi

"quantile" meaning in Hindiquantile in a sentence
  • Quantile regression is desired if conditional quantile functions are of interest.
  • Quantile regression is desired if conditional quantile functions are of interest.
  • However, the main attraction of quantile regression goes beyond that.
  • It is the reciprocal of the pdf composed with the quantile function.
  • Statistical applications of quantile functions are discussed extensively by Gilchrist.
  • Thus the 90 % quantile is exactly 4 " 3 / 5.
  • Koenker is mostly known for his contributions to quantile regression.
  • Quantile normalization is frequently used in microarray data analysis.
  • #Continuous probability distribution, with finite support, and closed-form quantile function
  • The cumulative distribution function is computed by numerically inverting the quantile function given above.
  • Mathematically, the PaR is the quantile of the profit distribution of a portfolio.
  • The differential entropy of a distribution can be defined in terms of its quantile density, specifically:
  • The VaR risk metric summarizes the quantile, a point with a specified probability of greater losses.
  • If the Q Q plot is based on data, there are multiple quantile estimators in use.
  • The quantile function can be expressed in a closed-form expressions using the Lambert W function:
  • Quantile functions may also be characterized as solutions of non-linear ordinary and partial differential equations.
  • When is an integer, the-th smallest of the values,, is the quantile estimate.
  • The mathematical forms arising from quantile regression are distinct from those arising in the method of least squares.
  • Expected shortfall is a portfolio value given that a loss is occurring at or below the q-quantile.
  • A normal quantile plot is commonly used to assess the fit of a data set to a normal population.
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