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redlining sentence in Hindi

"redlining" meaning in Hindi
  • The report promises to revive allegations of redlining by insurance companies.
  • Would companies " redline " low-income neighborhoods?
  • "We're in communities that have been redlined.
  • They show systematic redlining in this state that has to change.
  • Screamed through the road course, redlined most of the way.
  • A screaming performer with a redline of near 9, 000.
  • One main reason OHV engines have lower redlines is valve float.
  • Higher yet is the redline of a modern Formula One car.
  • A sort of " pizza-redlining " if you will.
  • Engine makers define the redline within safe limits for the engine.
  • In 2008 and 2009, she moved to Redline Time Attack.
  • The Honda Indy V8 has a 10, 300 rpm redline.
  • Word shorelining is meant to evoke redlining, and therefore discrimination.
  • It promotes a story on the RedLine Power Skating Female Hockey Camp.
  • Within days, Muhl had promised to investigate possible redlining.
  • State laws also ban the practice of redlining minority areas.
  • Those steps include specific redlining investigations of seven companies in recent months.
  • In previous legislative sessions, lawmakers have considered allegations of insurance redlining.
  • REDLINE _ Review : " The Thin Red Line ."
  • Instead of Jim Crow, there's racial redlining and profiling.
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