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English-Hindi > refections

refections meaning in Hindi

refections sentence in Hindi
1."It's a refection of our times.

2.:: On refection I realised this response was not the best approach.

3.They can attenuate or minimize refections of a bright office or a bright shirt.

4.Southern style pastry food is featured by Cantonese Dim sum which is thought of as a kind of delicate refection.

5.Pentomino Rampart consider mirror refections to be distinct, and thus use the full set of 18 one-sided pentominoes.

6.However, on refection, I think the main source of support for those resisting the Spanish conquerors would have come from, well, the French.

7.The exhibition included four works from Miller's " Nostalgia Futuro " series where the refection of his studio seen in the mirror panel of the work, is painted onto the surrounding surface.

8.Upon refection, I don't think Shermer's last law is notable enough for its own Wikipedia article, but it certainly is notable enough for a sentence or two in our Michael Shermer article.

9.Although it  knows that the Illusory Being it finds immediately before it has been posited by none other than " itself ", External Refection nevertheless regards this Being as something " external " to it from which it returns to itself.

10.A few days later he released a free EP, " 1014 ", to those who pre-ordered the album . " Refection " debuted at No . 7 on the Billboard Christian Albums chart, No . 5 on the Rap Albums chart, and No . 15 on the Independent Albums chart.

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