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sabkha sentence in Hindi

"sabkha" meaning in Hindi
  • You can see white deposits of salt covering the surface of the sabkha.
  • It is easy to walk or drive 4x4 vehicles across the dry sabkha.
  • The halophytic " sabkha " type desert vegetation is predominant in Muscat.
  • The region is dominated by a large sabkha.
  • Legionella " isolated from hypersaline lake water from the Lake Sabkha in Tunisia.
  • In some places, the sabkha connect to form long accessible corridors into the desert.
  • Murshid Bazaar in Al Sabkha is well known in the area for textiles and electronics.
  • Sabkha Ecosystems 1, 315-321.
  • The floor of a sabkha is usually a hard-packed combination of sand, mud and salt.
  • The Moreeb Dune, rising 120m above the sabkha, is located roughly in the middle of the picture.
  • Studies suggest that the sabkha is fed by seawater from the Zikrit Gulf, north by approximately 3 km.
  • Holocene deposits are densely scattered in the sabkha and mud plain areas located near the city ruins and the sea.
  • The origin and progression of sabkha development in the Persian Gulf is discussed by Al-Farraj ( 2005 ).
  • A sabkha ( salt-flat ) ecosystem known as'Dukhan Sabkha'is found in the northern section.
  • A sabkha ( salt-flat ) ecosystem known as'Dukhan Sabkha'is found in the northern section.
  • Sabkha development processes : A case study of UAE northeastern coast 29th international geographical congress, Seoul, Korea / August.
  • During deposition, it was located approximately 12�N latitude and was part of an extensive sabkha environment and subjected to monsoonal climatic regime.
  • Al Dhagaya is located near the Deira Corniche and is bounded by Al Baraha, Al Ras, Al Sabkha and Ayil Nasir.
  • An Evolutionary Model for Sabkha Development on north coast of the UAE . Journal of Arid Environments . 63, 740-755.
  • "' Sabkha "'is a type locality is along the coast of the Persian Gulf in the United Arab Emirates.
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