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sabines sentence in Hindi

"sabines" meaning in Hindi
  • That task fell to 33rd-ranked Sabine Appelmans of Belgium.
  • Her next opponent will be either Gabriela Sabatini or Sabine Appelmans.
  • Sabine Clark of Lexington began representing the company two months ago.
  • And I cross the Sabine River into Louisiana at mile 933.
  • Doris Polhuber of Austria and Sabine Tisserand of France won bronze.
  • Sabine Egger of Austria was third, 0.90 behind.
  • Testud overwhelmed Sabine Appelmans 6-3, 6-2.
  • Teammate Renate Goetschl leads the downhill and Sabine Egger the slalom.
  • --, Sabine Egger, Austria, 56.70.
  • Rubin will face Lindsay Davenport or Sabine Appelmans in the quarterfinals.
  • He had contested his extradition, said court spokeswoman Sabine Westphalen.
  • Sabine objected when Ross claimed the credit for certain magnetic observations.
  • But Sabine did make one notable contribution to the longitude problem.
  • These observations were all carefully scrutinised by Sabine back in Britain.
  • In 1879 Sabine's wife, Elizabeth Leeves, died.
  • Sabine has a crater on the Moon named in his honor.
  • However, she lost to Sabine Lisicki in the second round.
  • Jules and Catherine by then have a young daughter, Sabine.
  • When Sabine arrives, Leo predictably shows little interest in her.
  • Sabine Schmitz came in third, also on a Porsche 997.
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