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English-Hindi > jotting" sentence in Hindi

jotting in a sentence

11.Oliver says, jotting notes in her recipe folder.

12.I see people jotting things down on paper napkins.

13.Jotting down what the lecturer just finished saying means you miss a lot.

14.The opera was never written, but Beethoven's preliminary jottings survived.

15.Rosenblum was jotting notes on the breakfast speech when the first plane hit.

16.Daschle listened, jotting notes on a legal pad.

17.Other prisoners saw him frequently jotting in a notebook.

18.His workshop drawings and jottings, unlike his finished sculpture, approached abstraction.

19.So it wasn t just sitting alone in a room and jotting notes.

20.Behind each group trailed a young Dutch woman or man jotting down their comments.

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