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English-Hindi > jotting" sentence in Hindi

jotting in a sentence

31.Anything will help, " she said, jotting notes furiously as she spoke.

32.Marganski said, jotting down the address.

33.You can imagine them jotting down notes, occasionally recessing to stroll along the lake.

34.Meanwhile Samuel Pepys ( Hugh Bonneville ) skulks about jotting everything down in his diary.

35.The defendant sat quietly, occasionally exchanging words with his attorney and jotting down notes.

36.Just assume the beatitudinous attitude of a very neutral police officer jotting down license numbers.

37.His website, Jottings . ca was conceived as a vehicle for extending her reputation.

38.From royal pronouncements to incoherent jottings by anonymous internet jerks, and everywhere in between.

39.Just as he feared, Steiner's jottings have landed him in the hot seat.

40.Some offers he accepted after jotting down the pros and cons on a piece of paper.

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