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English-Hindi > jotting" sentence in Hindi

jotting in a sentence

41.Jamar Maule nodded and listened intently, jotting down his observations on a tiny note pad.

42."Oh, " she said, jotting a reminder in a note pad.

43.She walked around with her clipboard and a map of the yard, jotting down notes.

44.The note takers post their jottings, within 24 hours, on a central Web site.

45.White boards are those glossy surfaced things I associate with refrigerator jotting boards and tedious meetings.

46.Actually, Dad makes the bets, jotting his son's picks on his program.

47.I surely missed a few while jotting down previously completed whooshes, but 170 is plenty.

48.He and his wife have been jotting and toting their expenses for nearly a half century.

49.One of his jottings includes the court appearance of ex Oba Dosunmu after being sub poenaed.

50.I keep track of stuff like that by jotting the details down on a piece of paper.

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