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English-Hindi > lachrymose" sentence in Hindi

lachrymose in a sentence

11.It's a study in blooming alienation, complete with desperate, lachrymose moments.

12.Now Marlin Fitzwater reminds us what a lachrymose place it was before President Clinton came along.

13.Forget about the mini-series on Kerri Strug that could make even the lachrymose laugh.

14.The Lachrymose Leeches smell the banana that Josephine ate before they left and attack the boat.

15.This is the Mahler of the grotesque scherzos, the lachrymose funeral marches, the tragic hammer blows.

16.Stewart, in a long beige sequined dress, said that the exhibition struck her as almost lachrymose.

17.There's nothing more depressing at a football game than a droopy tuba or a lachrymose glockenspiel.

18.The world's largest indoor water tank was turned into the moody, leech-infested Lake Lachrymose.

19.;Mr Ferdinando Flosky : A very lachrymose and morbid gentleman, of some note in the literary world.

20.If Foster began by ridiculing the black experience, ultimately he paid lachrymose tribute to the slave's ordeal.

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