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English-Hindi > lachrymose" sentence in Hindi

lachrymose in a sentence

41.Spain's recent history had been lachrymose enough, and there was little time for tears or sighs in the baroque, frenetic world of his films.

42.A quick, lachrymose speech praising the poor and promising a better future-- and then the candidate's convoy rumbled off to another impoverished town.

43.The real events are delivered so matter-of-factly that the author apparently has muted the sentimental quotient deliberately, for material that is inherently lachrymose anyway.

44.The silence of Enid Greene, our normally loquacious, not to mention lachrymose, family-values congresswoman from Utah, has also been conspicuous on this bill.

45.And the throngs of people catching glimpses of these lachrymose pictures through masses of milling backs, which is how one must experience a Picasso exhibition, seem pleased.

46.Santa Rosa has the ability to change moods, starting with a lachrymose ballad style that gives way to the improvisations that often have an African, modal sound.

47.But she's equally lachrymose when someone's nice to her, so, again, you're grateful you're nowhere in her vicinity.

48.However, you won't hear Stewart saying he's in an emotional parellel universe with Picard-- no lachrymose lamentations over life choices for him.

49.This myth was met with the " counter-myth " of the " neo-lachrymose conception of Jewish-Arab history " by Bat Yeor and others,

50.Although he trims phrases with the hint of a sob, he refrains from shameless lachrymose showboating and allows the lines of familiar melodies to soar without applying fancy embellishment.

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