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English-Hindi > lachrymose" sentence in Hindi

lachrymose in a sentence

21.In the hands of a less gifted storyteller, " Dark Wind " would flirt with the lachrymose.

22.He inveighed against what he termed the " lachrymose conception of Jewish history, " sometimes identified with Heinrich Graetz.

23.In fact, nothing at all has happened here that justifies even lachrymose laments, much less an assessment of blame.

24.And his natural exuberance doesn't entirely suit the lachrymose Albin, who at heart is a deeply conventional hausfrau.

25.With this information, the Baudelaire orphans travel by foot to the Curdled Cave, near Lake Lachrymose while another hurricane strikes.

26.Why " The neo-lachrymose conception of Jewish-Arab history " is refering to the story of " Dhimmitude "?

27.His example was used to support the Golden Age theory, regarding Jewish life under Muslim rule, rather than the lachrymose view.

28.Locke's popularity derived from the emotional style in which he sang lachrymose ballads about the problems of love and life in Ireland.

29.On the contrary : Sirk seems to have wholeheartedly embraced the lachrymose or ludicrous scripts he was given as a sort of intellectual exercise.

30.Moran's songs aspire to the melodic elegance and touching generality of Tin Pan Alley standards and the most grandly lachrymose 1960s ballads.

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