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English-Hindi > oaky" sentence in Hindi

oaky in a sentence

11.6 cups white Burgundy, or a crisp, not overly oaky California Chardonnay

12.Oaky aroma with bright fruit flavors and zingy acidity.

13.Rich aromas of plums and chocolate; fruity flavors, a little oaky.

14.Grimes liked this wine a lot, Asimov felt it was too oaky.

15.Gently spicy and light-bodied with complex flavors; a little oaky.

16.Does all of this sound oaky to you folks?

17.I was used to matching food with the oaky flavors you get with wine.

18.But many are beautifully structured and much less oaky than they used to be.

19.You can describe a tequila as spicy and oaky, with a little smokiness.

20.Oaky Creek coal mines collect enough mine gas to generate 20 MW of power.

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