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English-Hindi > oaky" sentence in Hindi

oaky in a sentence

31.This gives it a golden color and a strong oaky flavor similar to a premium cognac.

32.A few of them were so oaky they were like sucking on a plank of wood,

33.Hesser thought it was too oaky.

34.Asimov, too, found it oaky but liked its complexity and herb and olive aromas.

35.According to the menu, it is characterized by " Burgundy depth and oaky notes ."

36.Oaky River and its tributaries are trout streams and platypus may be sighted in the waters.

37.They included Hawkwood and Oaky Creek.

38.Many Americans assume that chardonnay comes from California and that it is oaky, sweet and flamboyant.

39.Despite this sustained use, no license for a hotel at Oaky Creek was issued after 1884.

40.Oaky Creek produces about 3.5 million metric tons of high-quality coking coal a year.

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