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English-Hindi > oaky

oaky meaning in Hindi

oaky sentence in Hindi
1.Description : Big-bodied, oaky, sherryish, flowery.

2.Not surprisingly, many of them were oaky, oxidized and dull.

3.I find them too heavy, too fruity and far too oaky.

4.Sweet, oaky aroma, mild apple and pineapple flavors.

5.Or _ the one exception _ an oaky, sweetish California chardonnay.

6.Distinct peach and honey aromas; clean, clear flavors turn oaky.

7.What you think of as oaky identifies itself as vanilla.

8.It is also known as Oaky ( Oakey ) Farm.

9.Description : Big, malty, oaky, sherryish.

10.Chardonnay and a " big, oaky, buttery " Chard.

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