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English-Hindi > oaky" sentence in Hindi

oaky in a sentence

21.The oaky taste tends to be more pronounced in California wines than in French ones.

22.Oaky chardonnay overwhelms most of these dishes.

23.Fruity, oaky, grassy . ..

24.Quality sherry vinegars have a lot of oaky nuances and a not overly tart flavor.

25.Asimov found it well made but oaky.

26.For some winemakers, the move away from oaky chardonnays is like a religious conversion.

27.In September 1993, Oaky Grove was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

28.By then the cask will be drying out and the brandy will be getting quite oaky.

29.After long periods in wood, rums often take on too much of an oaky taste.

30.If your tastes run toward soft, fruity, oaky wines, sit this one out.

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