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English-Hindi > quadrate" sentence in Hindi

quadrate in a sentence

11.Band : Ausgleichungs-Rechnung nach der Methode der kleinsten Quadrate; 2.

12.quadrate and articular bones are much smaller and form part of the middle ear.

13.The quadrate is strongly inclined to the rear.

14.Lingual membrane with tricuspid central teeth, multifid laterals, and quadrate marginals ."

15.The mine is irregular and oblong to quadrate.

16.Whorl section sub quadrate, higher than wide.

17.The bones of the mandible and quadrate bones can also pick up ground borne vibrations.

18.Hieroglyphs must be aesthetically positioned within the quadrate and their size must be proportioned accordingly.

19.The articulation between the articular and quadrate bones at the jaw joint is well developed.

20.The shape is oblong to quadrate and the epidermis is opaque with a yellow tan.

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