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English-Hindi > quadrate" sentence in Hindi

quadrate in a sentence

41.The reniform is a quadrate purplish blotch, the lower portion of which is usually lost in some brown scaling.

42.The costa of the forewing upperside has several conspicuous subapical and apical black spots, the largest subapical spot is quadrate.

43.Bathyotica has several apomorphies, characteristics that distinguish it from more quadrate and quadratojugal bones at the back of the skull.

44.There is a quadrate spot closing the cell, and a second large oblique S-shaped figure crossing the disc.

45.There is a quadrate spot in the end of the cell and the interspaces are striped with black beyond the cell.

46.These separate the right lobe in two smaller lobes on its left posterior part : the quadrate lobe and the caudate lobe.

47.For this reason it was easier to acquire six strips of good quality cane than 4 wider strips for the Quadrate rod.

48.The taenioglossate radula has a quadrate rachdian tooth, flanked on each side a trapezoidal lateral tooth and two long marginal teeth.

49.The ground colour is shiny brownish orange, often with a large pale orange, quadrate area mesially on The upper surface.

50.In crocodyliforms, the braincase is strongly sutured to a bone called the quadrate, making the skull completely immovable or akinetic.

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