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English-Hindi > quadrate" sentence in Hindi

quadrate in a sentence

31.The hindwings have a quadrate hyaline spot in the cell and a wedge shaped spot beyond it.

32.In a small anatomical study it was shown that the epiphysial line passes directly through the quadrate tubercle.

33.The group Squamata This is made possible by a loose connection between the quadrate and its neighboring bones.

34.There is also a straight or somewhat curved muscle scar on the medial surface of the quadrate bone.

35.They also possess movable quadrate bones, making it possible to move the upper jaw relative to the neurocranium.

36.It is also known after Achille-Louis Foville as the " quadrate lobule of Foville ".

37.They have large, somewhat quadrate cypselae ( achenes ), that may either have or lack a pappus.

38.Smaller branches also arise from the lateral margins of the quadrate body, and also form dichotomously branched fibres.

39.There is a quadrate hyaline white patch in the end of the cell and a slight pale discoidal striga.

40.In the Jurassic, their quadrate and articular bones evolved into the incus and malleus bones in the middle ear.

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