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English-Hindi > quadrate" sentence in Hindi

quadrate in a sentence

21.Groups of three bisexual flowers are sitting in the axils of rhombic-quadrate bracts.

22.At the rear of the skull, the paroccipital processes are fused with the quadrates.

23.Aurobindo suggests a grand program called sapta chatushtaya ( seven quadrates ) to aid this evolution.

24.Forewing : a large dark brown discocellular transverse spot and a small quadrate white patch beyond.

25.The mine is ovoid to quadrate.

26.There is a discal transverse row of conical spots and a marginal row of quadrate spots.

27.According to Kellner, the original describers had incorrectly identified a coracoid as a quadrate bone.

28.The quadrate is inclined to the rear and has a depression on its flange contacting the pterygoid.

29.The articular and quadrate bones evolved to become two of the middle-ear bones in mammals.

30.There is a quadrate white patch near end of the cell, bordered laterally by black lines.

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