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English-Hindi > scoundrel" sentence in Hindi

scoundrel in a sentence

11.As lovable scoundrel Lex Luthor in " Superman,"

12.Juliana calls the narrator a " publishing scoundrel " and collapses.

13.Louis Nenda is a scoundrel and criminal from the Zardalu Communion.

14.It is a melodrama about a drunken scoundrel who causes trouble.

15.Larkin denounced Gallaher in speeches as an " obscene scoundrel ".

16.Searancke was exasperated with Wairarapa Maori, calling them unmitigated scoundrels.

17.The Black Guard was a scoundrel who spent his time gambling.

18."Brokers aren't scoundrels, " he began.

19.Even now, these scoundrels are turning a tragedy into a profit.

20.So ends this story of the saint and the scoundrel.

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