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English-Hindi > scoundrel

scoundrel meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'skaundrəl ]  sound:  
noun plural: scoundrels   
scoundrel sentence in Hindi
1.There are some people who look at him as a scoundrel,

2."There's also the scoundrel thing,"

3.Granted, every administration has its share of scoundrels and bores.

4.And Joe Waldholtz sounds like a scoundrel of the first order.

5.It's often the last refuge of scoundrels ."

6.It will be a heartless scoundrel stealing gruel from orphans .)

7.You are scoundrels, and so are those who command you.

8.All sorts of scoundrels have tried nuclear smuggling in recent years.

9.We cannot let this scoundrel continue to threaten our very survival.

10.If only some of sports'scoundrels would think that way.

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a wicked or evil person; someone who does evil deliberately
Synonyms: villain,

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