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English-Hindi > scoundrel" sentence in Hindi

scoundrel in a sentence

21.His father, " a scoundrel and a womanizer,"

22.Oh, yes, the scoundrels in Hollywood, too.

23.No, the Nixonites were scoundrels of the first order.

24.Jose Canseco is now hooted for being the scoundrel that he is.

25.He was an ambitious scoundrel on his way to the White House.

26.These novels have titles like " Lord of Scoundrels,"

27.I never wage war with anybody, let alone with these scoundrels.

28.He is more a Southern gentleman than a Southern scoundrel.

29.Identifying who the scoundrels are helps keep the markets safe for investors.

30."AMERICAN SCOUNDREL, " by Thomas Keneally.

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