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English-Hindi > xc" sentence in Hindi

xc in a sentence

1.-- All-Weather Wagon : Volvo V-70 XC

2.Note that the use of " xc " is considered pedantic.

3.These engines were offered in the Ford Falcon XC in Australia.

4.Fidelio contains both metals and carbon ( Spectral class XC ).

5.Holden in Australia launched the XC series Combo in September 2002.

6.This snippet of Go code performs similarly to the XC code.

7.But ip xcs also been used to incriminate Jews for all time.

8.The XC line updates and replaces their old MXC bikes.

9.In December 1977 Ford built 13 special order XC Falcon GS Hardtops.

10.Visually, the XC Falcon was given a restyle treatment.

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