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English-Hindi > xc" sentence in Hindi

xc in a sentence

31.This option was available in the subsequent XB and XC models, though very scarce.

32.Russia will also install an additional telescope ( ART-XC ) on this platform.

33."' Filippo Barbieri "'is a Professional Mountain Bike XC racer.

34.Lockheed had done pressurization in an aircraft before, with the Lockheed XC-35.

35.The V70 XC is billed as having SUV qualities within the framework of a station wagon.

36.There is a critical distance, xc, at which the tunneling probability is a maximum.

37.Early V70 XC featured special rear view mirrors, a feature that was discontinued after 2003.

38.The 2008 boys'XC team won their first section title at the Division V level.

39.The portion with the letters " XC " is used for the communion of the clergy.

40.The first XC-142A was delivered to the Air Force test team in July 1965.

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