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English-Hindi > xc" sentence in Hindi

xc in a sentence

11.The component statements are called " tasks " in XC.

12.Task placement is restricted to the main function of an XC program.

13.Huge numbers of backcountry bowls can be used for telemarking and XC Downhilling.

14.He won the TransAlp race in Europe and a Masters XC national title.

15.This makes their use more common in XC designs.

16.At its introduction, the second generation V70 XC received a major upgrade.

17.The XC language also allows asynchronous receiving on channels through a select statement.

18.The XC-12 miniature continued to be used in later feature films.

19.Q : How long does it take Lockheed to build an XC-130?

20.Acer has high hopes for its XC devices.

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