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English-Hindi > xc" sentence in Hindi

xc in a sentence

21.The XC looks like an SUV crouched low.

22.In his early years of racing he started in both XC and DH races.

23.The five XC-142As were flown by 39 different military and civilian pilots.

24.The nomina sacra are written in abbreviated forms : ?C XC YC ?NA K?.

25.Volvo V70 XC station wagon _ This may be the perfect New England winter car.

26.Somewhere between the minivan and the SUV, the Volvo XC has found a home.

27.Volvo XC 90 : Flat out, the best SUV in the world right now.

28.Intelligence0 { xc . mily in Watervliet.

29.Another version was the 5E-XC.

30.American Fork XC Club would earn a podium finish in second place, scoring 122.

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