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English-Hindi > xc" sentence in Hindi

xc in a sentence

41.In mountain bike Wells is a 12 time National Champion in XC, STXC and Marathon.

42.In the 1990s, Kawasaki became prime contractor on the new XC-2 transport aircraft.

43.As a result, the XC-123A project was abandoned without additional aircraft being built.

44.The association puts out a brochure with detailed information about some 250 XC areas around the country.

45.Volvo's all-wheel drive V70 XC AWD wagon is its best-selling car.

46.Then, in 1997 the XC _ for Cross Country _ was introduced as a 1998 model.

47.WITH : AT A GLANCE-- Fact box previewing the 2001 Volvo V70 Cross Country XC.

48.A . I've seen it and it looks like the XC station wagon on steroids.

49.But don't mistake the V70 XT for the V70 XC that was introduced last year.

50.The V70 goes on sale April 1, followed by the V70 XC on Aug . 1.

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