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abutted sentence in Hindi

"abutted" meaning in Hindi
  • In a few places, anti-tank walls were constructed essentially continuously abutted cubes.
  • The highway abutted the western and northern edges of Darke County Airport along the way.
  • Otherwise, the highway is abutted by the occasional farm and surrounded by several forests.
  • Durloo's newly acquired coastal land abutted Jensen's property to the north.
  • The farmyard abutted Chingford Road, along which the Walthamstow Urban District Council trams ran.
  • The auditorium abutted the main building and was the largest high school auditorium in the area.
  • The volcano is abutted on the south by Karthala, another volcano rising to 2361 meters.
  • On the western side this area is abutted by a bathroom also sheeted in corrugated iron.
  • Should the rules be different if the town abutted on enemy territory or was far from it?
  • The hillfort is abutted on both its northern and southern sides by embanked ditches or cross dykes.
  • The park is abutted to the east and west by the of the Mahoosuc Public Reserved Land.
  • This two-storeyed extension included storage areas and dormitories which abutted the south of the building.
  • The smaller gabled wall is abutted by a single storeyed semi-octagonal projection housing the vestry.
  • The sides of the rooms were stone and abutted the massive stone piers that supported the floors above.
  • Unlike samurai houses, they were built right up to the road, and directly abutted their neighbours.
  • This section is marked by grooves where other buildings abutted the structure, some stones with identifiable inscriptions.
  • Room 3 was built abutted to but not structurally integrated into the main house except with the roofing.
  • :Since this discussion abutted mine and has been nagging at me I thought I'd comment.
  • It is currently abutted by industrial and suburban land to the east and river floodplain to the west.
  • There was a one-story porch along the left elevation that abutted another projecting, gabled ell.
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