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abutted sentence in Hindi

"abutted" meaning in Hindi
  • In 1875, a brick wall high enclosed the barracks and connected the buildings that abutted city streets.
  • Moreover, this northern side is abutted by a rectangular building whose function has not been determined yet.
  • At the time it included present day Bronx County, and abutted then-Dutchess County to the north.
  • Being geographically similar to the Livingston and Beekman patents it abutted, The Gore was ceded to Dutchess county.
  • From 1912 to 1948, the bridge abutted a floating firehouse for Engine 44 of the Boston Fire Department.
  • This building extended nearly up to the end of the plot and abutted the buildings of the Lithuanian castle.
  • In 1994, he bought his first 129th Street building for $ 43, 000 because it abutted his back yard.
  • Though often drawn as a free-standing building, there was a building at its rear into which it abutted.
  • The abutted spans share pier footings and appear to be one continuous bridge, but the four spans are actually independent.
  • Circumstantial evidence with regard to the location of the hospital being abutted to the church comes from several other medieval hospitals.
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