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acclimating sentence in Hindi

"acclimating" meaning in Hindiacclimating in a sentence
  • Marine acclimates with her new lifestyle, but suddenly develops androphobia.
  • Their preferred temperature directly reflects the temperature they are acclimated to.
  • But that it's part of acclimating and conditioning ."
  • It is important to acclimate the tree to the warmer house gradually.
  • The body needs time to acclimate, typically two days.
  • "So I'm already acclimated to it.
  • "You're body needs to get acclimated to that.
  • I give them small parts and time to acclimate to my work.
  • As for acclimating to the climate, Thailand has just three seasons:
  • "We've acclimated quite well,"
  • Amaryllis need a year to acclimate in the garden, Prasek says.
  • It isn't like a home game where you get acclimated.
  • Colbrunn was allowed to show up early to get acclimated.
  • Her computer hasn't quite acclimated to the temperature, though.
  • And unless the cubbies acclimate, they may never mate and procreate.
  • Fisher and Titans defensive coordinator Gregg Williams wanted to acclimate Kearse cautiously.
  • Climbers increase their altitude in increments to acclimate themselves to thin air.
  • Runyan believes she is becoming more acclimated to running with limited sight.
  • Even healthy, fit visitors can take several days to become acclimated.
  • Now they should get acclimated to having Cousin Boomer back.
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