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ascendancies sentence in Hindi

"ascendancies" meaning in Hindiascendancies in a sentence
  • He seems very comfortable with his role as a star in ascendancy.
  • Within two years, stocks had recovered and were in ascendancy again.
  • He viewed the ascendancy of Ronald Reagan with special distress.
  • "Ascendancy " adds hope and comfort to the canon.
  • In Nebraska, the Republican ascendancy did not happen overnight.
  • Both stories emphasize Jackson's ascendancy in Hollywood in recent years.
  • Milosevic has been the midwife of his enemies'ascendancy.
  • The younger Mack's political ascendancy has been sharp and recent.
  • However, my friend Aurelio has itchy feet possessed by ascendancy syndrome.
  • But it's not a Democratic ascendancy ."
  • The impact of this conservative ascendancy on policy and staffing is clear.
  • All involved settlers gaining political and military ascendancy over a native majority.
  • The books of lyrics function as souvenirs of this ascendancy.
  • We're in the midst of a conservative ascendancy ."
  • That could leave consistently more conservative elements in the ascendancy.
  • Despite their recent ascendancy, Virginia Republicans seem adept at sabotaging themselves.
  • "It's a sector in permanent ascendancy ."
  • The Americans are in the ascendancy and have home advantage,
  • That the suspects have the ascendancy over her is clear.
  • Bharatiya Janata's ascendancy has added new urgency to these issues.
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