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castigation sentence in Hindi

"castigation" meaning in Hindicastigation in a sentence
  • Fowles offers a retrospective collection of pieces encompassing travels in Greece ( rapturous encomium ) and Margaret Thatcher ( vigorous castigation ).
  • In this tiresomely moralizing book, George Stephanopoulos proves that self-castigation can be a device for avoiding self-examination.
  • Liang Qichao's 1902 biography of Li blamed him for China's woes and set the tone for further castigation.
  • A subsequent Congressional investigation resulted in a scorching castigation of the event, Colonel John Chivington, and the 1st Colorado Cavalry.
  • I am Grateful for the experience of being exposed to . . . and enduring . . . world-wide Castigation.
  • It boggles my mind that this problem isn't in headlines somewhere in all the Wikipedia Reasons For Self-Castigation articles.
  • There were private, one-on-one meetings with O'Neal and Bryant, and occasional public castigations of both players.
  • Gorton says the situation reflects the unfairness of the environmental movement's repeated castigation of him as a raper and pillager of Mother Earth.
  • The media's attention shifted from a fascination with the persona of JT LeRoy and the writing, to a castigation of Laura Albert.
  • She accepts without resentment Blake's children and she is frequently called on to ameliorate his patriarchal harshness and his castigation of himself ."
  • I'm sounding as if I've just made another breakthrough, but why shouldn't I stop all this self-castigation?
  • Madison Avenue is worried because an approach deemed tasteless or tactless could generate far more castigation than typically occurs when an advertiser is labeled thoughtless or clueless.
  • Washington's castigation was a rude surprise for the nation of 16.3 million led by 36-year-old Bashar al-Assad.
  • "His resignation does not make him the subject of castigation, he will continue to enjoy respect as an MP, " he said.
  • Stanton's words were damning . " It amounted to a castigation of Sherman and virtually accused him of disloyalty ", say Thomas and Hyman.
  • In the meantime, the women lawmakers held a press conference that turned into a group castigation session as they blamed themselves for seizing defeat from sure victory.
  • Spencer's castigation of the news media as collaborators in his sister's death, relayed by loudspeaker to those outside the Abbey, brought applause.
  • No woman dares emerge in public without a head scarf and long coat, and those who show a bit of hair still risk at least public castigation.
  • The United States imposed economic sanctions on both nations, and the International Monetary Fund suspended disbursements _ castigations that have been harder on Pakistan than its rival.
  • In the same castigation of Singapore, the gaffe-prone vituperator claimed that a news executive he tried to reach " dove under his desk ."
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