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castigation sentence in Hindi

"castigation" meaning in Hindicastigation in a sentence
  • The urgings by the United Malays National Organization, which Mahathir leads, showed support for his castigation of the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party in a speech Thursday.
  • In the moment when Henry turned from a castigation of multilateralism to the necessity of the expansion of NATO, I whispered back I was rarely wrong, but sometimes mistaken.
  • But New York's chief judge, Judith Kaye, said on Friday that she was concerned that the atmosphere of castigation could subtly change the way judges decide cases.
  • Earl Spencer's castigation of the media threw down a gauntlet to Blair, but it is one he will fear to pick up, for all its popular support.
  • Two British nurses convicted in the murder of an Australian colleague in Saudi Arabia returned home early Thursday to a welcome mixed with castigations for selling their stories to tabloid newspapers.
  • In addition, according to the folklore of people with this condition, this type of castigation is found in the history of some of those who later develop transvestic fetishism.
  • When the Jets returned from road games earlier this season, players said the flights were marked by self-castigation and plenty of could haves, should haves and would haves.
  • Yet she has been described by detractors as " shrill, " a castigation reserved for those who fail to observe the niceties of protocol, especially in telling unpleasant truths.
  • In a 2007 speech to theology students in Toronto, Williams argued that conservatives to avoid self-righteousness rather than " happily identifying with Paul's castigation of someone else ".
  • Bonasus vapulans, or, Some Castigations Given to Mr . John Durell or Fouling Himself and Others in his English and Latin Book by a Country Scholar ( London, 1672 ).
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