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jacuzzi sentence in Hindi

"jacuzzi" meaning in Hindi
  • But there is no skimping on bathrooms, as most have a Jacuzzi.
  • But wouldn't it be even better to soak in a Jacuzzi?
  • There is a posh players lounge and a Jacuzzi in the trainers room.
  • He thinks it's a Jacuzzi ."
  • "It has to have a jacuzzi, " she says.
  • The water in the showers and the Jacuzzi bath was not hot enough.
  • Many rooms have fireplaces and bathrooms with Jacuzzi tubs.
  • For a suite with a Jacuzzi bath, it's $ 127.
  • Bertie even makes his own Jacuzzi in the bathtub.
  • Even 8-year-olds in the Jacuzzi were talking about Jessie.
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