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lexicology sentence in Hindi

"lexicology" meaning in Hindi
  • In lexicology, an appurtenance is a modifier that is appended or prepended to another word to coin a new word that expresses " belongingness ".
  • In 2013, Professor Piek Vossen ( Computational Lexicology ) was one of three scholars awarded with the Spinoza Prize, the highest scientific award in the Netherlands.
  • Since lexicology studies the meaning of words and their semantic relations, it often explores the origin and history of a word, i . e . its etymology.
  • When " al "-occurs in places where we would not normally expect it, it is considered extra as far as grammar and lexicology are concerned.
  • He edited a multivolume collection covering all aspects of lexicology for Routledge, and, with Rachel Giora, a companion collection covering all aspects of metaphor and figurative language.
  • Under his guidance the Department of Linguistics in the IJALI created a three-volume " Academic Grammar of the Tatar Language ", prepared multivolume Tatar Lexicology.
  • Subject area coverage encompasses English language syntax, phonology, lexicology, semantics, stylistics, dialectology, vocabulary, orthography, dictionaries and grammars; literature and the computer.
  • Lexical items that describe concepts in specific fields are usually called terms instead of words, although there is no consensus whether lexicology and terminology are two different fields of study.
  • Some use " lexicology " as a synonym for theoretical lexicography; others use it to mean a branch of linguistics pertaining to the inventory of words in a particular language.
  • He was an active participant within Sextil Pucariu's Museum of the Romanian Language, where his research interests included early texts, toponymy and anthroponymy, lexicology and syntax.
  • Outside but related to linguistics, other forms of semantics are studied, such as cultural semantics and computational semantics ( the latter may refer either to computational lexicology or mathematical logic.
  • "' English lexicology and lexicography "'is that field in English language studies which examines English word-formation, the evolution of vocabulary and the composition of English dictionaries.
  • The differences in lexicology are an evaluation of particular lexical items that are used in special cases; in general case these differences depend on the vocabulary chosen to be used by a speaker.
  • The Bulgarian National corpus is created at the Institute for Bulgarian Language  Prof . L . Andreychin by research associates from the Department of Computational Linguistics and the Department of Bulgarian Lexicology and Lexicography.
  • At the University of Pristina, he has lectured on Albanian language subjects such as : Phonetics, Morphology, Syntax, Introduction to the Linguistics, History of the language, Lexicology and Old Textbooks.
  • I shall be grateful if you would please email me, because I have an important contribution to make to lexicology in word games . talk ) 01 : 34, 30 September 2009 ( UTC)
  • Morphology differs from morphological typology, which is the classification of languages based on their use of words and lexicology, which is the study of words and how they make up a language's vocabulary.
  • :It is telling that the impetus for requesting deletion centers around whether the author is " notable in the specialized area of lexicology as claimed " and if his work is a " standard reference ".
  • An allied science to lexicology is lexicography, which also studies words, but primarily in relation with dictionaries  it is concerned with the inclusion of words in dictionaries and from that perspective with the whole lexicon.
  • It is published by the " Instituut voor Nederlandse Lexicologie " ( " Institute for Dutch Lexicology " ), which works under the supervision of the Dutch Language Union, and is available for free online.
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