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lexicology sentence in Hindi

"lexicology" meaning in Hindi
  • "Accusations that . . . . " that entry might be considered " sniping " since it sounds like a hotly contested issue about to be deliberated upon-where as it is merely inflammatory semantics and lexicology.
  • He was especially impressed by the course of lexicology lectures delivered by Assistant Professor of Ukrainian Language and future Doctor of Philology D . Kveselevich, and lectures of stylistics delivered by next Candidate of Philological Sciences V . SasVna.
  • Computational lexicology has contributed to the understanding of the content and limitations of print dictionaries for computational purposes ( i . e . it clarified that the previous work of lexicography was not sufficient for the needs of computational linguistics ).
  • Saussure realized that if linguistics was going to be an actual science, language could not be a mere nomenclature; for otherwise it would be little more than a fashionable version of lexicology, constructing lists of the definitions of words.
  • He manages the Lexicology Centre ( ?????? ???????????? ) which in 1998 published the " Dictionary of Modern Greek " ( ?????? ??? ???? ????????? ??????? ), which has also come to be known as the " Babiniotis dictionary ".
  • The main fields of the scientific investigations of the chairs are : Semantics, Text Linguistics, Lexicology, Pragmatics, Problems of Foreign Literature, Modern Methods of Teaching, Foreign languages, Translation Studies as well as other aspects of language studies.
  • She was also a professor of lexicology and semiology at the University Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle throughout the 1970s, subsequently at the University Paris VII-Denis Diderot during the 1980s, and at the �cole des hautes �tudes en sciences sociales beginning in 2002.
  • Culturomics is a form of computational lexicology that studies human behavior and cultural trends through the Science " article called " Quantitative Analysis of Culture Using Millions of Digitized Books ", co-authored by Harvard researchers Jean-Baptiste Michel and Erez Lieberman Aiden.
  • Contrastive descriptions can occur at every level of linguistic structure : speech sounds ( phonology ), written symbols ( orthography ), word-formation ( morphology ), word meaning ( lexicology ), collocation ( phraseology ), sentence structure ( syntax ) and complete discourse ( textology ).
  • In 1999, Jon Mills gives examples of numerous inaccuracies in George's data and shows how the English translation equivalents and neologisms given in the " Gerlyver Kernewek Kemmyn " entail a contrastive lexicology that is at odds with traditional practice as attested in the historical corpus of Cornish.
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