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nab sentence in Hindi

"nab" meaning in Hindi
  • Xfdws ICAC-NABS-FOUR-OF-ITS sked
  • The Brazil package is the first time the NAB has been activated.
  • The NAB and RTNDA had mounted a legal challenge to two rules.
  • Three days later, it helped the casino nab eight baccarat cheats.
  • The board of the NAB has supported retaining the cap.
  • NAB : http : / / www . nab . org
  • NAB : http : / / www . nab . org
  • Several attempts in the past have failed to nab Veerappan.
  • Sometimes the Claw would accidentally nab something with it, creating confusion.
  • In 1990, NAB bought Yorkshire Bank ( England and Wales ).
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