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uzbeg sentence in Hindi

"uzbeg" meaning in Hindi
  • Ivan Kalita of Moscow, brother of Yury of Moscow who had been murdered by Dmitri the Terrible Eyes in 1322, immediately went to the Horde and, before Aleksandr had time to justify himself to Uzbeg Khan, persuaded the khan to grant Moscow the yarlik or patent of office for the throne of Vladimir.
  • Uzbeg, whose total army exceeded 300, 000, repeatedly raided Thrace, partly in service of Bulgaria's war against Byzantium and Serbia beginning in 1319 . The Byzantine Empire under Andronikos II Palaiologos and Andronikos III Palaiologos was raided by the Golden Horde between 1320 and 1341, until the Byzantine port of Vicina Macaria was occupied.
  • Nogai's pre-eminence was ended by the assertion of the legitimate Khan Toqta, and the Blue Horde reached the apex of its power and prosperity during the reigns of Uzbeg Khan ( �z Beg ) and his son Jani Beg in the middle of the 14th century, when it intervened in the affairs of the disintegrating Ilkhanate.
  • The Cuman-Kipchak Confederation and Islamic Volga Bulgaria were absorbed by the Golden Horde in the 13th century; in the 14th century, Islam became the official religion under Uzbeg Khan where the general population ( Turks ) as well as the aristocracy ( Mongols ) came to speak the Kipchak language and were collectively known as " Tatars " by Russians and Westerners.
  • Following Yury's machinations which led the khan to grant the yarlik to Moscow and their father's execution at the Horde in 1318, Dmitry and his brother, Alexander, fought a series of battles with Yury and intrigued against him at the Horde, culminating in Dmitry's acquisition of the yarlik of office for the grand princely throne in 1322 and his murder of Yury at the Horde ( in Uzbeg Khan in 1326.
  • Saka-Massagetae-Sogdiana-Greco-Bactrian Kingdom-Parthia-Kushan Empire-Hephthalite-Turkic Khaganate-Turgesh-Karluks-Karakhanids-Great Seljuk Empire-Khwrazm-Shh dynasty-Mongol invasion of Central Asia-Chagatai Khanate-Uzbeg Khan-Timur-Timurid dynasty-Shaybanids-Khanate of Bukhara-Khanate of Khiva-Khanate of Kokand-Russian history, 1855 1892-Great Game-Basmachi Revolt-Turkestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic-Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic
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