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vacillations sentence in Hindi

"vacillations" meaning in Hindi  
  • During his internment, Petrov's life was one of complex vacillations.
  • India's proverbial nuclear indecision had come to symbolize national timidity and vacillation.
  • Despite the official explanations, Sharon's moves appeared to many like vacillation.
  • Sergei did not support the Tsar's security policies of vacillations and evasions.
  • These ups and downs reflect a vacillation in Russian-Chinese relations traceable through history.
  • Russians seem to experience the same vacillation.
  • The greater shortcoming, Spock said, was vacillation and being too eager to please.
  • But critics call them vacillation and indecision.
  • This is not the hour of vacillations,
  • After a period of vacillation he deserted Don John towards the end of that year.
  • The vacillation can be explained not by economic policies, but the fact of presidential elections,
  • Aside from causing turmoil within the football program, this vacillation has begun to affect recruiting.
  • Disaster inevitably has its other side, those individuals whose moments of vacillation saved their lives.
  • After some vacillation, Cakobau agreed to renounce his " Tui Viti " title.
  • British vacillations persisted against the advice of Spears and to the extreme irritation of de Gaulle.
  • A vacillation between the pessimistic and the optimistic approach creates an emotional counterpart in the poetry.
  • Some say Clinton's allegiance to him is a symbol of the president's vacillations.
  • Investors have grown wary of what they see as government vacillation on tax policy and public spending.
  • The scientists argue that vacillation by the Army compelled them to wrest the research from military limbo.
  • Most important, NATO must remember that further vacillation will only lead to more death and disintegration.
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