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vacillations sentence in Hindi

"vacillations" meaning in Hindi
  • Like his predecessor Dionysius, he has been charged with vacillation.
  • Bosnia, I say, is another instance of vacillation.
  • It is a vacillation from have-nots to have-lots,
  • After much vacillation, Arafat says he is ready to crack down.
  • But these costs will be far lower than the price of vacillation.
  • The unions are clearly overjoyed by Gore's vacillation.
  • Arafat has famously survived all these years through his ambiguities and vacillations.
  • His vacillations have annoyed his disciplinarian finance minister, Francisco Gil Diaz.
  • But let us plunge deeper into the vocabulary of vacillation.
  • That kind of vacillation is just a byword in my spiritual life.
  • Many nations have been subject to constant change and vacillation of government.
  • Annan has also displayed weakness and vacillation in coping with the crisis.
  • In the suspicious temper of the times, their vacillation was fatal.
  • If anything, it's the opposite of vacillation.
  • Their vacillation turned a stick of dynamite into a water-soaked firecracker.
  • Merrill, after months of vacillation, backed Dole.
  • Work toward mastery of self and vacillation in nothing.
  • Stancil attributed some of his vacillation to being uncomfortable with criticism of people.
  • Draskovic's vacillation has cost him popular support.
  • Oxford's vacillation between the Duke of Shrewsbury.
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