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shogunate sentence in Hindi

"shogunate" meaning in Hindi
  • The Tokugawa family lost prominence after their shogunate collapsed in 1868.
  • Both standard shogi and Go were promoted by the Tokugawa shogunate.
  • Following the formal termination of the shogunate, the Boshin War(
  • During that time, they sought help from Japanese Kamakura Shogunate.
  • Roving bands of rMnin further threatened the stability of the shogunate.
  • The shogunate intervened, making the bestowing of the garments invalid.
  • In 1464, a succession dispute erupted over the shogunate itself.
  • At first, he served an Ashikaga shogunate at the Hokosyu.
  • Sculptors also worked for the Kamakura shogunate and other military clans.
  • During the Kamakura Shogunate, the Mandokoro governed administration and finance.
  • He studied Keiki, the last shMgun of the Tokugawa shogunate.
  • In June 1865, France delivered 15 cannons to the Shogunate.
  • By the early 1860s, the shogunate was under several threats.
  • Discontent among the samurai proved decisive in ending the Kamakura shogunate.
  • Takauji set up his shogunate in the Muromachi district of Kyoto.
  • The Tokugawa shogunate went to great lengths to suppress social unrest.
  • The Bakumatsu was a period toward the end of Tokugawa Shogunate.
  • These martial arts lost their importance when the Kamakura Shogunate fell.
  • The Tokugawa shogunate showed strong interest in products from Kazusa Province.
  • Yoshimitsu continued to maintain authority over the shogunate until his death.
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