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ungrounded sentence in Hindi

"ungrounded" meaning in Hindiungrounded in a sentence
  • The Oberverwaltungsgericht L�neburg dismissed the cases as ungrounded in March 2006.
  • Therefore, such ungrounded claims should not be taken into account.
  • An ungrounded three-prong outlet is an accident waiting to happen.
  • I am not trying to say that all the charges are ungrounded.
  • The more ungrounded attacks from the president, the more Duma consolidates.
  • Later Tuesday, Kuchma called Lazarenko's claims ungrounded.
  • Meehan dismissed the complaints about the First Amendment as ungrounded.
  • The fears that the Russian defense minister will come to Germany are ungrounded.
  • If not, that statement is " ungrounded ".
  • One's search for meaning would be ungrounded.
  • I also dont understand why Deltas are ungrounded, is it not necessary?
  • Numerical concepts start to become mere abstractions ungrounded by manipulation of the things themselves.
  • Buckingham Palace and the prime minister's office dismissed the claim as ungrounded.
  • As for Latvia, Russia " firmly rejects ungrounded territorial claims,"
  • Ungrounded statements do not have a truth value.
  • Cords generally contain either grounded or ungrounded connectors.
  • Tommy ( now ungrounded ) and Angelica's grandfather arrives with two tickets.
  • It was capacitive coupling from the ungrounded circuit.
  • I have here a NiMH AA batter charger with an ungrounded unpolarized US plug.
  • "I'm not saying that the charges are completely ungrounded,"
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