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ungrudging sentence in Hindi

"ungrudging" meaning in Hindiungrudging in a sentence
  • Ricks is an ungrudging admirer, but not an acolyte.
  • Gordon usually doesn't receive such ungrudging support from his fellow racers.
  • The poor girl had accepted her fate ungrudging and worked hard to maintain herself and her crippled husband.
  • But they have not made such a good job of providing prompt, convenient and ungrudging service to their patients.
  • It is plainly time for clear-sightedness, diplomatic finesse and the exercise of the sort of moral authority that comes with ungrudging respect.
  • Katz said Brennan " grinned in ungrudging admiration " of his adversary and exclaimed, " Wasn't Rehnquist good !"
  • Serving for diversified field of development in KBK District situated in Rayagada District renders sincere ungrudging service to the people and has made honest effort for academic improvement of different section of society.
  • That would involve a full, ungrudging, verifiable explanation to the American people about what has gone on with regard to Ms . Lewinsky and the other matters under investigation . . ..
  • Through her human and subtle generation of an ungrudging sympathy, one becomes involved in her dilemma and is caught up all the way in the despair, uncertainty and terror of her experiences ."
  • "Pleasure " ( as in " it's a . . . " ), said with ungrudging sincerity, is the standard response to " thanks ."
  • This presupposes, however, an ungrudging attitude on the part of the Ombudsmen to the complaints they receive so that all those that give grounds for suspecting that some error has been committed will be investigated.
  • The Mishnah attributed to Abraham a good eye ( a magnanimous spirit in financial matters, based, for example, on Abraham's generous and ungrudging nature in his dealings with Ephron the Hittite in ).
  • If a single theme emerges from everything he says and does, it is his insistence on the ungrudging acceptance of Germany as a normal country in which Germans can take pride and with which foreigners can feel secure.
  • God gives man and woman an ungrudging and unqualified command to " be fruitful, and multiply " ( 1 : 28 ); the Lord God worries about the prospect of man living forever and reminds him that he will always be dust ( 3 : 19 ).
  • A case so clear and cogent for close co-operation between Britain and Russia after the war cannot fail to carry conviction to any open and impartial mind . " In the same leader Carr argued for : " ungrudging and unqualified agreement on the supposition that " If Britain's frontier is on the Rhine ", it might just as pertinently be said-though it has not in fact been said-that Russia's frontier is on the Oder, and in the same sense ."

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