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vacuolar sentence in Hindi

"vacuolar" meaning in Hindi  
  • The FYVE domain has been connected to vacuolar protein sorting and endosome function.
  • Vacuolar and alkaline serine proteases have been implicated as the major allergenic proteins.
  • A muscle biopsy shows a vacuolar myopathy without significant cell death or inflammation.
  • Clockwise from top left : vacuolar, granular, amoeboid, and cyst forms.
  • This gene belongs to a group of vacuolar protein sorting ( VPS ) genes.
  • Further experiments on the Characean cells support of the Goldstein model for vacuolar fluid flow.
  • The net concentration of the individual ions does not change during the initial vacuolar stage however.
  • VAC7 activates vacuolar membrane scission and is required for normal vacuole acidification, inheritance and morphology.
  • It is an essential assembly chaperone of the vacuolar ATPase-the principal mammalian proton pump complex.
  • The protein localisation to the vacuolar membrane supports this suggestion ( see also Chapter 1.5 ).
  • Through alternate vacuolar ATPase ( V-ATPase ) but the encoded proteins seem to have different functions.
  • This family of glycosyl hydrolases ( CAZY GH _ 65 ) includes vacuolar acid trehalase and maltose phosphorylases.
  • Subsequent biochemical work led to the identification of proton transport ATPases at the plasma membrane and vacuolar membranes.
  • A vacuolar interface dermatitis also is visible in glands and ducts, along with necrosis of the lining cells.
  • The complex is a 1 : 1 heterodimer of Vps27 ( vacuolar protein sorting protein 27 ) and Hse1.
  • The protein transports Mg 2 + into the vacuolar space and H + out, as demonstrated by electrophysiological techniques.
  • Avian vacuolar myelinopathy has been killing coots, ducks and eagles in the South since it was first identified in 1994.
  • The net effect of the forces is cytoplasmic / vacuolar flow moves from the minus indifferent zone to the positive indifferent zone.
  • Genetic studies in yeast have identified more than 40 vacuolar protein sorting ( VPS ) genes involved in vesicle transport to vacuoles.
  • Osmotic swelling of the lens is also responsible for a reduction in electrolyte concentration during the initial vacuolar stage of galactosemic cataract.
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