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English-Hindi > vivisectionist

vivisectionist meaning in Hindi

vivisectionist sentence in Hindi
1.Anti-vivisectionists campaigned for its return, suspicious of the explanation.

2.Meyer was of course active against the anti-vivisectionist movement, too.

3.Well known anti-vivisectionist, vegetarian, and women's rights campaigner.

4.She was a vegetarian and anti vivisectionist.

5.I am proud to say that I've been a practicing vivisectionist all my life.

6.In London she involved herself in the temperance, anti-vivisectionist, and women's movements.

7.I suppose, if the program had gone on long enough, the anti-vivisectionists would have weighed in.

8.Yes ! shout anti-vivisectionists and supporters of what has become generally known as the animal-rights movement.

9.Furthermore, he politically campaigned against the " anti-vivisectionists " that wanted to forbid animal experimentation.

10.Women's suffrage meetings were invaded, though the students knew that not all suffragettes were anti-vivisectionists.

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a biologist who cuts open live animals for research

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