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English-Hindi > vivre

vivre meaning in Hindi

vivre sentence in Hindi
1.Carnaval is nonstop fun, joie de vivre at its best.

2.But she has lost a touch of her joie de vivre.

3.Lopate announced in " Against Joie de Vivre ."

4.Mondesi's joie de vivre is central to his success.

5.Joy De Vivre and Eve Libertine also joined around this time.

6.Joie de Vivre invested $ 9 million in renovating the property.

7.His nightmare fantasies were realized with tremendous joie de vivre.

8.They portrayed joie de vivre, but were smiling with clenched teeth.

9.Joie de vivre, not despair, was Versace's style.

10.The hotel would be Joie de Vivre's largest.

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