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English-Hindi > vixenish

vixenish meaning in Hindi

vixenish sentence in Hindi
1.Milliken is relentlessly haughty and vixenish; Marcus is thunderingly sullen.

2.Before she got a chance to perform her vixenish feats, though, she got pregnant.

3.The heartwarming plot : Vixenish dancer claws her way from strip-joint slattern to casino headliner.

4.At the same time the cook senses in himself a perverse arousal for the vixenish, calculating Nani.

5.Stilettos are only part of the current trend toward what the Journal calls " vixenish " clothing for the office.

6.Ms . Connelly, often cast in cheesecake roles, gives this one a sly, vixenish spark, and Ms . Going is strikingly lovely.

7.Her seeming nonchalance about the reactions to her vixenish pose _ and the nonchalance of others like her _ disturbs some members of the art world.

8.Sinead O'Connor plays the vixenish Virgin Mary of the boy's daydreams in a film that sees religion through the boy's especially distorted lens.

9.Snipes'character, Noxeema, is the one least inclined to stifle flaunt-it urges, and Leguizamo's Chi Chi is a dervish of vixenish vulnerability.

10.It did not hurt her public image, either, that Phillips was _ and is _ strikingly attractive, with long brown hair, soft features, and vixenish eyes.

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shrewish and malicious; "a vixenish old woman"

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