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English-Hindi > vivisects

vivisects meaning in Hindi

vivisects sentence in Hindi
1.But can you bring yourself to vivisect that peeping Tom, Ken Starr?

2.She was shackled to a table so Wheeljack and Ratchet could vivisect her.

3.I wanted to show the workings of the relationship, to really vivisect myself,

4.A saucer abducts the two men and the aliens on board attempt to vivisect them.

5.In the process, they vivisect Gallo.

6.Mo explains that the Silurians intended to vivisect her, as they have vivisected him  awake.

7.She also has a lover named Vincent, whom she also turns into a monster and then vivisects.

8.This often means she vivisects the children, which Helen Justineau, a behavioural psychologist and base teacher, dislikes.

9.When Violet objects to him using their bathroom to vivisect the sticky-fingered accountant, Caesar protests : " Why?

10.Appalled to learn that Fox is planning to vivisect the alien, Shermin then resolves to help the Starman escape rather than allow Fox to capture him.

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